My name is Keeke Akira-Supermoto 17.

I am a robott.

Wait. Whaaa??

My name is Keith Aurora-Caulayculkin. My kid is Keanu.

My sneak in Kiki is Aloha-Kakahiaka.

I row my robot. About a rooftop.

Keak Areola-Coldsore. Ariana Karma Chameleon.

I robbed the robot around my finger.

No. Kirk Arugula. Kale of the savoy family. Yes. Yes?

I yam a boot yam. My name is Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi. I man a robot.

Wait. No let me revise. I am a person. I am a person?? Right! Yes I have a person. I am programmed to brush your hair. I am?! I am hair? Yes I have that. I am brush?? Yes touching my hand to it I am becoming it.

Kiik in person, who walks around fleshy-like, is a writer and a teacher. He currently lives in Bellingham WA.

**Images of hens were created by LA-based artist and animator, Gautam Rangan. You can see his ingenious work here and here and